New express parking zone at Palma airport


Palmas Airport Aena has recently opened a short-term parking zone in front of the departure terminal on the upper floor. If you want to avoid the parking garage, you can now park your car for free for the first 15 minutes in front of the entrances to the check-in area. For the video-controlled express car park with a total of 62 parking spaces, a parking ticket must be drawn at the entrance gate. After the free parking time of 15 minutes, the parking fee has to be payed from the first minute. Thus, the daily traffic chaos and the often long traffic jams at the high-traffic area should be put an end. In the arrival area of the airport, a similar short-term parking zone was already built in the summer of 2017 to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

Parking fees of the Express car park at the departure terminal on the upper floor:
(Amount refunded if the stay is less than 15 minutes)

Price per minute    1,0870€
Price per minute, from minute   2 - 30    0,0455€
Price per minute, from minute 31 - 60    0,0805€
Price per minute, from minute 61    0,1290€
Daily maximum     60,00€
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