European Elections 2019 - Electoral rights for Germans in Spain


The election of the European Parliament will take place in the Federal Republic of Germany and in Spain on Sunday, 26 May 2019. German citizens residing outside Germany in one of the member states of the European Union also have the option of exercising their right to vote abroad.

With the residence in Germany the entry into the electoral register of the municipality of the German place of residence takes place automatically, where a participation in the choice can then be done personally on 26 May. An alternative to this is absentee voting. For this, a ballot with matching postal ballot documents can be requested from the municipality of the main residence.
An illustration of the details can be found here.

In the case of residence in Spain, voters must clearly identify their place of participation in the European elections.
In order to be able to exercise the right to vote in Germany, an application for entry in the electoral register there must be made and must be submitted to the responsible municipality in Germany by 5 May. Entries in the electoral roll for European elections must be re-applied for each election, so that a previous registration expires.
The required form is contained here.

Residents in Spain will be notified in a first letter of the possibility to participate in the European elections, the simultaneous local elections or in both elections by the 30th January deadline. The one-off entry in the electoral roll of the responsible municipality contains comparatively to Germany automatically a lasting right of participation. In the case of ambiguity or missing notice, the information should be obtained from the municipality before the 30th of January.
Helpful information can be found here.

For all foreign Germans the following link is necessary.

Here you will find the download for the application for entry in the electoral roll of voting Germans living abroad.

In the 6-page document only 2 pages have to be filled in, namely the "first copy" and "second copy". By downloading the above link there should be enough time with the shipment to Germany and the entry in the electoral roll until May 5.

In any case of a personal decision, the right to vote in the European Parliament's co-election should not be allowed to expire.

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