Changes to bus transport "EMT" in Palma


As the mayor José Hila announced on Monday in Palma, the city of Palma envisages the use of new bus routes and changes to the urban bus network "EMT" from 18 December 2019.

The trip with the line 3 ends, for example, opposite Bar Bosch. To continue to the beach of Illetes, you have to change to the new bus line 4. In addition, the line 15 disappears and is replaced by a new line 35, which goes to the Palma Aquarium in Can Pastilla. Line 25 remains unchanged. The airport line 1 is renamed A1 and does not leave from Porto Pi but from Passeig Mallorca. The bus connection from the airport to Arenal is renamed to A2. Altogether, 19 bus lines are to be modified, and 6 new bus lines are to be used. More timetable information can be found on the homepage of the EMT.

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